Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2 In A Room - The Album Vol. 1

This album has tons of producers on here! Love all the tracks on this...I use to have this on cassette before I brought the vinyl. For some reason I use to like playing the "Do what you want" from this album better then the 12inch single. Another 2 in Room classic for your collection. ---12inchjunkie

A1 Kamikaze (Took My Love) (5:45)
Producer - Todd Terry
A2 Do What You Want (5:10)
Edited By - Chep "Beat Junkie" Nunez*
Engineer [Mix] - Mike Rogers
Keyboards - Bubu
Mixed By - Todd Terry
Producer - Dose (2)
Producer, Mixed By - Aldo Marin , Roger Pauletta
Vocals - Dose Material
A3 House Junkie (5:30)
Engineer - Gary Clugston
Producer - Chep Nunez* , Louis Flores
Vocals [Vocal Bits] - Bubu
A4 Turn Me On (4:38)
Engineer [Mix] - Mike Rogers
Keyboards - Joey Moskowitz
Mixed By - Aldo Marin , Benji Candelario
Producer, Edited By, Vocals - Albert Cabrera
B1 Music's Hypnotizing (5:03)
Engineer [Mix] - Butch Jones
Producer, Mixed By, Edited By - Carlos Berrios
Programmed By [Programming Engineer] - James Wyman (2)
B2 Take Me Away (4:18)
Engineer [Mix] - Mike Rogers
Producer, Mixed By, Arranged By - Aldo Marin , "Little" Louie Vega*
Programmed By - Joey Moskowitz
B3 Rock The Bells (Of Saint Mary) (5:22)
Edited By - "Oh Oh" Omar Santana*
Mixed By - Aldo Marin
Producer, Mixed By - Dennis Pino , Omar Santana
Programmed By - Gasper Valenti*
B4 As It Grooves (4:38)
Producer, Mixed By - George Morel

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summonedknight said...

good post d, always liked kama best

angellovef said...

thanks! i bought this album on Itunes but not all the tracks are available. So now I have my complete set. Thanks!!!!

GGNYC said...

12inchJunkie thank you for this record and I say this nicely otherwise I'll scream!!Excellent post! You won't see this anywhere. This is hard to find record. I always enjoyed Kamikaze, As It Grooves, Turn on Me, Music's Hyptnotizing [Hey Rob do you know from what record the title came from?] and my all-time favorite HouseJunkie!!Aciiieeedd!! Simply Awesome!!!

12InchJunkie said...

Glad I made everyone happy on this post..enjoy.

benz said...

i forgot to say that this is a hot post yesterday when you uploaded it to the blog danny, my bad!!! y te botaste papa!!! lolzz!!! for those who don't speak english it means that he killed it!!! mega classic hot post!!! much props d thanks gain for this!!!!


hi could you please reupload this? :( would really appreciate your effort if you do. Cheers.