Friday, April 17, 2009

Cajmere - Chit Chat (The Remixes)

Cajmere who also goes by the name of Green Velvet Is one of Chicago's greatest producers. This record has the classic Coffee Pot but everyone knows it by the Percolator, and till almost 19 years this track still gets play by every DJ.... Thanks goes to DJ Herk for this share.---12inchjunkie


Chit Chat (Chit Chat Remix)
Chit Chat (Clubhouse Mix)
Chit Chat (Late Night Mix)
Chit Chat (Original Instrumental)
Coffee Pot (Percolator Mix)
Naumatunedacorra (Remix)

Password Protected Download..
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chicagojackin said...

Thanks DJHerk for the share and 12inch for posting.This one i swore I thought I had.

DjHeRk said...

This record was slept on I bought it from Sound Of Market In Center City Philly in 92. I heard it and I knew it was a hit. Nobody was feeling it for like 3 years then all of a sudden there is a dance to it and it blew up ever since then. Sound of Market was the place to get House music for a minute until they switched the layout around and fell off. Armands Records was always the spot too and Funk-O-Mart. I miss taking the train to Center City and getting a half box of records. I couldn 't wait to get home and mess with them.

Anonymous said...

What's the password please, I can't find this record anywhere even where I live I can't buy it