Monday, April 13, 2009

Seduction - Seduction

Seduction was a female dance-pop, urban contemporary, house music and freestyle trio from New York assembled and produced by Clivilles and Cole of C+C Music Factory, consisting of members Idalis DeLeon (born 15 June 1966), April Harris (born 25 March 1967) and Michelle Visage (born 20 September 1968).

Originally intended as a studio project, Seduction's second single "You're My One and Only (True Love)" featured uncredited lead vocals by Martha Wash.[1] The song ended up becoming a hit, and a group was then assembled for the recording of the album Nothing Matters Without Love and subsequent singles. Their biggest hit came in early 1990 with "Two to Make It Right", a #2 pop hit. In mid-1990 DeLeon left the group and was replaced by Sinoa Loren (born 6 December 1966). After a pair of hits with this line-up, the group broke up in 1991.

A1 Seduction (Vocal Club Mix) (6:29)
A2 Seduction (Club Mix) (6:53)
B1 Every Body "Jump" (Bonus Track 1) (3:05)
B2 Devote Yourself (Bonus Track 2) (3:56)
B3 Seduction (The Reprise Loft Mix) (6:04)

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DjHeRk said...

I just ripped this record today!! The Intro get me hype to the vocal club mix.

DjHeRk said...

My boy use to bang the Every Body "Jump" joint all the time!!

12InchJunkie said...

Yeah the Every body jump I use to rock all the time also!

Rob said...

WOW Classic shit right here.....Still amps me up....

chicagojackin said...

Thanks 12inchjunkie for this share.

DjHeRk said...

whats funny i was watching "trading places" movie wit eddie murphy and dan Aykroyd in the train doing the intro skit lionelllllll (lol)