Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hard Wax - The Hard-up EP!

Alright, here's a 12" that I had to get. By DJ Boris and Doug Beck, AKA Boris/Beck, & Rob Jr. At the time over at Rock N Soul in NYC it was a haven to go to and listen to the 'what's hot' rack and hear while flipping your dusty fingers on the rows of vinyl what someone else is 'testing' out at the turntables there. I heard the track from this record being played I thought: "Oh Sssit!". That track that was played from this 12" was "Lift Me Up". Slammin'. This EP is slammin'. I was lucky enough to walk out of there with this opened, smudged (of course I cleaned it up as best I could) and used who knows how many times that day. But they never got a shipment of it again. So, excuse the jump or two but won't affect a mix/blend of any of these IMO. Not too hard to find but a must have. I remember listening to the original song they sampled off from the track I mentioned "Lift Me Up" while grocery shopping a few weeks back at the supermarket and so this EP came up in my head. Enjoy! Let us know what you think! Peaceout! (By the way, excuse the pics. I had to take them with my camcorder. Wifey took the damn digicamera, :p )


A1 Breathe
A2 Arcade
B1 Lift Me Up
B2 The Question

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