Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vinyl Vault News

What’s up Vinyl Vault Family! Hope all is good! It’s spring again and we all felt that warm weather fever last weekend…and I tell you it felt great! This is the perfect weather for blasting great classics and it also gets me amp to do some vinyl ripping and deejaying. I’m glad to see some new faces are showing up on our blog and interacting with one another about music. I think our blog is the best place to get away from our daily stressful lives and share with others great music that we miss…music is a great healer. We have had the blog opened to the public for about 2-3 months now and the word around the net has been how great our blog is. As Rob mentioned before we do about 100 postings a month and it’s nothing but good quality classics…sorry that the files are protected with passwords but we are serious about whom we share our contributions with. We still get visitors requesting the password for our postings via email or thru the cbox I’m getting tired of repeating it over and over to the point that I decided just to ignore them, I know Rob still gets emails himself…Rob I would just ignore them if I were you. I know it sounds rude but why keep repeating things over and over? We keep pushing up the Post we did on password request and they just don’t get it. Any how if anyone has old New York Hot 97 all night house party radio rips like from DJs like Roman Ricardo, Little Louie Vega, & Frankie Bones. Would you kindly share it with us? I’ve been on the hunt for these mixes for such a long time and haven’t had any luck finding them. I know someone who has recorded them all will not share it at all what so ever! For what ever reason. I have posted a couple of them a few months ago but would like to hear more and share it with the vinyl vault family. I’m going to post one soon that I found in a box in my attic the tape was damaged a lot and I had to do some surgery on it to get it to play I already ripped one side of it have to rip side b the tape is Frankie Bones mixing live on Hot 97 at the time. So if you have any radio recorded tapes from the late 80s please share those great classics with us. We got so many great classics to share with everyone each day and as the weather gets hot so does our post. We also working on our Radio Mix show to get going again, I only aired one time about a couple weeks ago using a program called pirate radio and I had fun mixing live for 2 hours. Now we are looking into shout cast to stream live from and set up a player on the blog to do the mix show on a regular basis. Well that’s all for now I know half the stuff I wrote was said before by either me or Rob but it’s just to get the point across to the new visitors stopping by and letting everyone know what’s been going on with us. Peace to all. ---12inchjunkie, Rob, & Vinyl Vault Family.

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