Monday, April 13, 2009

Thanks For Hearing The Vinyl Vault Mix Show Last Night!

I want to thank the people that got a chance to listen to the vinyl vault mix show last night. I know the radio stream quality wasn’t that great I’m planning on changing to another radio stream with better quality and I can place it on the blog that way you won’t have to go to another website to hear the live mixing. I’m also getting a new internet service provider I’m cancelling Comcast and going with Verizon Fios…If you haven’t heard of Fios the internet speed is way faster then cable! Up to 50 megabits per second that very fast compared to 10 mbps that cable uses. Leecher’s are going to jump on this! I wanted to ask any of our members if they would be interested in doing a rotation on the mix show on certain nights. You can either do a mix live or do your sets pre-recorded and I will air it on the radio, I know Rob is going to be doing some mixing for the show also. I want to know who else would be interested. Shoot me an email at And For those that missed the 2 hour set I'm going to put it up for download on Thursday. 12inchjunkie

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summonedknight said...

d you know im down for the mixing so put me down