Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jungle Brothers - I'll House You

Everybody knows this track so no explanation needed! Thanks to DJ Herk for this contribution.---12inchjunkie


I'll House You (Club Mix)
I'll House You (Houseapella)
I'll House You (Show Mix)
I'll House You (UK Remix 7" Edit)

Arranged By - Tony D.*
Remix - Richie Rich
I'll House You (Gee Street Reconstruction Mix)

Arranged By - Tony D.*
Remix - Richie Rich

Password Protected Download..
Download Right Here


MARLON said...

Sup guys! Another track that will never get old. Always gets the party started!

MastrChief07 said...

Another track that's a 'staple' to the history of House Music alone. This should be in everybody that collects and listens to House, vinyl collection!

angellovef said...

"you in my hut now!"

chicagojackin said...

Great post being waitin for a New Yorker to post lol.Thanks for sharing DJ Herk and 12inch.

GGNYC said...

Thanks for the U.K.Remix! Say.. House your body! House your body!!!

Broky B said...

great 12". where can i find the password though?