Saturday, April 11, 2009

Judy Torres - My Soul

Sorry for such a small pic of the album cover, This is Judy torres 2nd album that was released on profile records in 1992 by this year I already saw the downfall of freestyle so I never peeped out this album but it's worth to hear it, produced by Elvin Molina & Mickey Garcia there's also a couple productions by Chris Barbosa, Mark Liggett, & Frankie Cutlass. Thanks goes to Angellovef for sharing this.

1 I Love You For All Seasons (3:49)
2 Every Little Lie (4:16)
Producer - Chris Barbosa , Mark Liggett
3 I Go Crazy (3:59)
4 My Soul (4:37)
5 You're My Everything (4:14)
6 Where Is Your Heart (3:44)
7 Windows (5:00)
8 I Can't Wait (4:23)
Co-producer - Frankie Cutlass
9 Hold Me, Kiss Me (3:45)
10 If Your Dreams Look Like Mine (4:02)

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