Saturday, April 4, 2009

B.G. The Prince Of Rap - Take Control Of The Party

I never got much,or at all, into B.G. The Prince Of Rap. Primarily because I didn't think he had much credibility to be a rapper to begin with, IMO. But did dig his "This Beat Is Hot" track because of the beat was hot, lol! Anyway, this cd single I got at the time is because, hey: MAW & Todd Terry. 'nuff said, no? I'm digging more the "Sinister Dub" than the others. What do y'all think? Enjoy!
Here's a little about B.G.:

"B.G. the Prince of Rap sang in stage productions and choirs while growing up in Washington, D.C., but enrolled in the military soon after graduation. By 1985, he was serving in Germany, and gradually became interested in rap instead of the R&B he had listened to as a child. He began performing in Frankfurt, and won several rapping competitions; his first single, "Rap to the World" (given dancefloor energy by Jam & Spoon's Jam El Mar and second producer Stefan Benz), scored in German clubs. "This Beat Is Hot," B.G.'s second single, hit number six on the country's charts and crossed over to America as well, reaching number 35. It gained him a contract with Epic Records, who released his album, The Power of Rhythm, in 1992. A sophomore effort, This Is How We Do It, was released two years later."
Source:John Bush, All Music Guide

1 Take Control Of The Party (Program Beltram Vocal Mix) (6:42)
2 Take Control Of The Party (Sinister Dub) (4:36)
3 Take Control Of The Party ("Little" Louie Vega Club Mix) (6:40)
*with credited keyboards to Todd Terry*
4 Take Control Of The Party (Ken Lou Dub) (6:34)
*with credited keyboards to Todd Terry*
5 Take Control Of The Party (Masters At Work Beats)(4:51)
*with credited keyboards to Todd Terry*
6 Take Control Of The Party (Original Mix)(5:25)

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12InchJunkie said...

Good Post MasterChief I use to same the same thing I didn't thing this guy had rapping skills. But the beat is hot. Thanks for Sharing

MastrChief07 said...

Goodlookin' out Rob for the pic. You're welcome 12inchJunkie! I agree. I remember back in high school I heard that popular "house" track (This Beat is Hot) after a '2 in a Room' track on a tape blaring out from the speakers of a car. I take B.G.'s tone as "fun". Sort of like a Doug Lazy or something. Lol!

xz said...

thanks man !