Saturday, April 18, 2009

D.M.S. - And The Beat Goes On

Another Fire Post today! A all time favorite of mine probably one of the best that I like from Todd Terry, I use to go crazy when I heard this at parties. A must for your collection!!! ---12inchjunkie


And The Beat Goes On (After Midnight Mix) (4:56)

Producer [Additional], Remix - "Little" Louie Vega*
And The Beat Goes On (And The Dub Goes On) (5:17)

Producer [Additional], Remix - "Little" Louie Vega*
And The Beat Goes On (Original Version) (4:51)

Edited By - "Little" Louie Vega*
And The Beat Goes On (Dub Version) (5:24)

Edited By - "Little" Louie Vega*


Rob said...

I have always loved this track. I love the part in the intro where it sounds like horses hooves doing a tune. The whole 12 is a classic what am I talking about...

GGNYC said...

By lookin at the post it didn't faze me until I heard the track. I said OH S#IIITT!!! I remember having this record...thanks 12inchJunkie!! Excellent post! My favorite is the(After Midnight Mix)with drop-in samples of Disco group: GQ - Disco Nights(Rock Freak).

12InchJunkie said...

You Welcome Fellas!

chicagojackin said...

Another classic post again 12inch thank you.And thanks to the guy that invented the internet that made all this possible lol.

MastrChief07 said...

And the beat goes ooooooooooooon! I remember feenin' for this record. When I got this it was a sloppy copy (opened). I bought it at a rink-a-dink record shop by my high school at the time. Sick track. Thanks for the post!