Saturday, April 18, 2009

Vinylvault News...4-18-09

What's up Fam?! Beautiful Saturday and nice warm weather, I'm going to do my best to do the Vinylvault Show tomorrow if I can get the new shoutcast that I installed to work, It should be better quality and we will put the player on the blog...Hope everyone is enjoying our post and glad to see a few people contributing with the blog, I'm glad Rob posted the update on people that are still not getting it with password request... (thanks rob), all you have to do if READ that is all but visitors aren't reading soon I will just ignore the emails asking for the password I'm sorry if I have to be that rude. Our blog is very unique and we want people with the same taste. We want rare classics on our blog. I got some more goodies coming up this week from me personally that I have ripped or that has been on my Hard drive for the longest...If all goes well tomorrow with the shoutcast radio I will inform everyone early to check out my mixshow later in the day. The Show will air at 8pm-9pm eastern time U.S. I'm going to mix 1 Hour of rare classic house music, Last week I did some freestyle and house but each week I want to try to bring you something different, maybe one week of all chicago house another week of U.K. House, Techno classics..etc..And I want more DJs to send in your mix so that I can air it also. I got a tape that I did when I was 16 years old and I plan on airing that soon I want you to see my djing skills at that time and it didn't sound bad at I gotta run now to the a club that I gotta audition for wish me luck! Peace up fellas

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