Monday, February 2, 2009

808 State - Cübik

Classic Techno Band From the UK 808 State I was such a big fan of this Band...There music was so futuristic at the time, they have a very popular classic called "Pacific" which was remixed by frankie bones & Tommy Musto. If you're really into techno music like me my recommendations would be to check out there albums really good electronic techno music that will take your mind to the future. This 12inch im posting has the track called "Cubik" and "In Yer Face" both great tracks. The best cut being the Kings County mixes. Enjoy this classic!---12inchjunkie

Cübik (Pan American Excursion) (4:56)
Cübik (Kings County Perspective) (6:00)

Remix - Hugo Dwyer , Tommy Musto
In Yer Face (Mancunian Delight) (5:02)
Cübik (Kings County Dub) (4:52)

Remix - Hugo Dwyer , Tommy Musto

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Classic track here......