Monday, February 16, 2009

Intellectual Harmonious Sanction - EP

Well fellas I'm back from Atlantic City and I'm ready to do some postings. Here's a Techno-House Record I always found interesting, Drift and Dream is the choice cut and this record. Here's a Review from freddy fresh that was posted on discogs- This record has one of the dopest futuristic riffs known to electronic music and sounds like something made for the future even today in 2008. Incredibly this record was made in 1991 which is amazing considering that even with todays technology few records equal this in sheer brilliance (the main track I'm reffering to is Drift & Dream, although the others are good as well they are not as amazing as that specific track.
And boy is this 75 words thing a royal pain.

Drift & Dream (4:30)

Producer - George Polania , Mundo Muzique
Save The Whales (4:05)

Producer - George Polania , Mundo Muzique
Influencia (4:42)

Producer - Daniel Damien , Mundo Muzique
Protagonistic Cry (3:07)

Producer - Daniel Damien , Mundo Muzique

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Anonymous said...

classic ep,good post

MastrChief07 said...

Classic indeed. Badass beats. Goodlookin' out for this up.