Monday, February 2, 2009

Yves Deruyter - The Rebel

Here's a request from MasterChief, was a battle looking for it but here it is. Yves Is best known for Feel Free and Born Slippy. Enjoy this hybrid of Techno and Trance of 1997-----------------Summonedknight

1-The Rebel
2-The Rebel (Dj Randy Edit)
3-The Rebel (Dj Randy Remix)

Download Right Here

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MastrChief07 said...

WOW! Thanks SK! I thought I wouldn't find the entire song. I remember buying that DJ Talla double CD comp at the 9th Ave. Festival way back when in Manhattan. The dude selling the CD (it was a CDR by the way :T )import kept playing this particular song. Which caught a couple of zepole and giant turkey leg eating people's attention. I was one of 'em lolol but with a brew, lol. I searched high and low (a road taken often when looking for great tunes, huh? LOL) ever since. As I said on the Youtube vid this track I think made me get into the trance craze. Not as much as I would get into the Club/House etc tracks. But I'm feeling it. Big shout out to SummonedKnight for the search and delivery. Goodlookin' out for this. Peaceout.