Monday, February 16, 2009

Flowmasters - Energy Dawn EP

I consider this record a Techno House record maybe alittle more towards the House side but this can fit well into a Old School Techno Set well atleast into one of my sets. This is a great record which was produced by Frankie Bones & Tommy Musto and it was released in the UK in 1989. I was looking for this for quite some time and I finally digged it up. ---12inchjunkie

Energy Dawn (I Wanna See You Dance) (Club Mix) (7:10)
Energy Dawn (I Wanna See You Dance) (Techno Energy) (5:23)
Energy Dawn (I Wanna See You Dance) (Bassline Energy) (5:40)
Let It Take Control (Pumped Piano Mix) (7:12)
Let It Take Control (Heartbeat Mix) (6:36)
House The Crowd (Dub The Crowd) (5:14)

Download Right Here


chicagojackin said...

Thanks for posting.Alot of the guys from NY and Chicago who did Techno record had more of House sound also the Big Three from Detroit had more of House flava to there records.Just to pose a question would anyone consider for example Inner City releases Good Life and Big Fun,Techno.To me them releases are House not at all Techno.

Rob said...

Good post, I just downloaded it and took a listen. Let It Take Control is what I prefer than the others....Chicagojackin, I consider Inner Citys music as house not Techno. I agree with you on that...

chicagojackin said...

Yah I alot of stuff can go either way