Friday, February 13, 2009

Thanks To The People That Came To The Chat Meeting Last Night..

I want to thank the people that gave up there time to chat with us last night it went really well and it lasted for 2 hours! We had a great time discussing ideas and issues about the blog. With that alone it brightens up the blog and made it fun for all of us and we hope to do this on a regular basis our next meeting will be in 2 weeks. So for those that missed the first one hopefully they can join us on the second meeting. I say this, in order to make things work you gotta make it happen so from here on we will make things happen in order to get where we want to for our blog. I want to thanks Rob, Summonedknight, Chicagojackin, Benz, MastrChief07 Also Edgar who appeared at the end of the meeting but he still showed up a big thanks to you guys for participating last night everyone one of you guys have been devoted to the blog since day one. These are the type of people we want to see on the blog and hope that we will find more of us in the near future. Now with all the ideas and discussion that we brought to the table last night we can put together a good solution to start and we will post an update sometime next week of what’s going to take affect. With this being said…I will be away for the weekend with my woman for Valentine’s day we are going to Atlantic City I should be back by Sunday unless I hit the Jackpot or win some money...Lol hopefully I can get some internet access from the hotel during the weekend I can’t be a day without being online so I’m taking my laptop and my external with me I never leave home without it! So I hope everyone enjoys there Valentine Weekend with the ones you love or if your going out on a date with someone just try to be yourself and hope that you can get a piece of ass towards the end of the night if that is what your trying to accomplish with the girl or! And remember to where a condom you don’t want to get any STDs Talk to you guys during the weekend. ---12inchjunkie


benz said...

you welcome fellas i had a good time can't wait till the next one!!!!

MastrChief07 said...

Ditto that! Just got home. Almost forgot Valentine's Day tomorrow! LOL. I sent wifey flowers to her job. We're goin' out tomorrow. Have fun everyone. Be safe as always.