Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blog Meeting This Thursday @ 9pm Eastern Time On The Live Chat Box!

Just to inform everyone we will have a Chat meeting on the live chat box this coming thursday at 9pm eastern time. I know some of you guy's are from California, Chicago and from around the world so your time zone will be different. This will be the first meeting we do to get to know each other and discuss ideas and thoughts about Vinylvault. I know I have said that if the blog would continue to be dead that I would close it but I'm thinking of ideas to avoid that and I know alot of you guys don't want that to happen and believe me I don't want that to happen either, So I'm going to let everyone know about what I have in plan with the blog and the changes that are going to take in effect soon....So I hope everyone can make it on thursday, If you can't make it because of personal matters I will understand. Most of you might have a problem with the chat box when you go to post on it thru the blog. I would suggest loging in directly to the chat box website, if you look towards the bottom of the live chat box you will see Vinyl vaut Fullscreen click on that so that you can go directly on to the website...if you haven't registerd on it do so that way your username will appear on the chatbox and the account is free and quick to do. So I hope to see you guy's on thursday if you have a problem with the time of the meeting or whatever post a comment about it.---12inchjunkie


chicagojackin said...

Kool I should be home from work by about that time.And I have a couple ideas on opening the blog an preventing leechers at the same time.And also legal issues as well.

12InchJunkie said...

great! glad your going to share some ideas