Sunday, February 22, 2009

Frankie Bones - Bonesbreaks Volume 6

Most of you guys probably didn't follow the bonesbreak series after bonesbreak 5 but he released about five more after. This is bonesbreak 6 and this was released in 1992 when techno was becoming popular in New York and everywhere else. This is one of my favorite bonesbreak and frankie bones really shows his trademark sound on this one. Pure Ecstacy sounds like Joey beltram "Energy Flash" with some sick acid basslines. When does it ends starts off with a sample from judy torres and it more of a progressive house track. And the other 3 tracks are more breakbeat techno acid. Good Ep and worth the download. Special thanks to Raul C for this contribution.---12inchjunkie

When Does It End ? (The Bonesbreaker Mastermix) (5:00)
Six Hours To Phoenix (90 M.P.H. On Interstate 10 Mix) (6:20)
Pure Ecstacy (The Recall Remix) (4:33)
In The Eyes Of A Child (Trip 4 Daze Mix) (5:01)
In The Eyes Of Another (Stormrave Remix) (4:22)

Download Right Here