Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Compact Space Effects Vol 1-4

Here's that Space Effects Album Vol 1-4 that Summonedknight requested I use to love using these on my mixtapes! When You mentioned this Summonedknight I was like holy shit! I know I have this somewhere in my external! So here you have it a must download for your collection. Sorry I can't post any tracklisting of this and I couldn't find any info of this on discog. ---12inchjunkie

Download Right Here


Alexander said...

Hello, would love to get this but the link doesn't seem to work. Is there a chance still for me to get it?
Excellent blog You are having here by the way, as soon as I get a turntable I would like to contribute with my rare vinyl treasures :)

Alexander said...

Nevermind! It does work, many thanx! :D