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The Cover Girls- Show Me LP

The Cover Girls were a classic pop/dance group of the late 80's and early 90's whose glamour and beauty combined with musical talent have made them one of the most successful female groups of their time. The group released 4 albums, sold over 3 million records, charted 11 singles in a row on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart, and have had international success all over the world.

The Cover Girls started as an idea, with entrepreneur Sal Abbatiello. His legendary club, “Disco Fever,” in the Bronx , NY had made its mark in the music industry by bringing Hip-Hop music on stage and to the club scene. It received national acclaim in the movie “Krush Groove.” Sal also ran the nightclub “The Devils Nest,” which did the same for Freestyle music. After a talent search of over 300 females, the group was formed. Their first single “Show Me,” was released on Fever Records in 1987. The single went gold, selling over 500,000 records and landed on the Top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and reached #2 on the Billboard Dance Chart. The follow up album, of the same name, sold close to 1 million units and spawned four more Billboard Hot 100 singles including “Because Of You,” “Inside Outside,” “Promise Me” and “Spring Love”. This was the first independently released album to chart 5 singles on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart from the same album.
The Cover Girls phenomenon was growing. Along with concert performances, they appeared on every music and video television show on the air at that time. They were featured on Nickelodeon, Soul Train, Showtime at the Apollo, MTV, MTV international, and the Disney Channel numerous times. They had their proudest moment when they appeared on Dick Clark's American Bandstand.
Meanwhile in Japan , The Cover Girls were taking over. The single “Show Me” was the #1 record in Japan during 1988, and the album went double platinum. They toured the country 4 times to sold out venues, and were requested to enter the world renowned International Tokyo Music Festival Competition. They won second place, beating out entrants from every country in the world. The Cover Girls' popularity in Japan that year also landed them an advertising contract for a commercial with Panasonic.
The Cover Girls were signed to Sal Abbatiello's own independent label, Fever Records, but Sal knew that it would take a major label to give the Cover Girls the national promotions they needed to make them the top female group in the country. After much negotiation, they signed a recording contract with Capital Records. With Capital they released their second album, “We Can't Go Wrong” in 1989. Their first release was “My Heart Skips Beat,” produced by David Cole and Robert Clivilles of the famed C&C Music Factory, which went Top 40. This brought The Cover Girls to six successive records charted on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart, a feat very few entertainers can claim. The Cover Girls then released the ballad, “We Can't Go Wrong” and that put The Cover Girls over the top. The single reached #2 on the R&R CHR chart trailing only Mariah Carey, and was the most played record on CHR radio, being played on 238 of 251 stations. On the Billboard Hot 100 Single chart, the single hit #5 and sold over 500,000 copies.
The success of the “We Can't Go Wrong,” album led The Cover Girls to a major endorsement deal with Coca Cola and Sprite. They did numerous promotions including radio and television commercial in English and Spanish. At this time, another pop phenomenon was occurring, New Kids On the Block. The Cover Girls had been on a national tour of their own with Milli Vanilli , performing to sold out venues, and were chosen out of hundreds of groups, to be the opening act for the New Kids On the Block national tour. For over 20 weeks The Cover Girls performed before sold out arenas and stadiums of over 125,000 people per week. During this tour the Cover Girls also received a major merchandising deal from Winterland.
Evelyn Escalera entered the group in 1990, as the new lead singer. She finished touring with the group for the “We Can't Go Wrong” album tour and in 1991, when the Cover Girls released their next new single, “Funk Boutique,” it was Evelyn's first recording as the new lead singer. “Funk Boutique” went straight up the charts hitting #5 on Billboard Dance Chart and Top 40 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart. The success led The Cover Girls to a recording contract with Epic Records for their third album. In 1992, “Here It Is,” the album, was released. Along with “Funk Boutique” two other singles from that album hit the charts. “Wishing On A Star” a remake of the original Rose Royce ballad was the second release. The song hit #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and peaked at #2 on R&R. The success of Wishing On A Star” got them many national television appearances including performing on the Arsenio Hall show, Live w/ Regis and Kathy Lee, The Jerry Lewis Telethon, and Apollo Comedy Hour. They also toured Europe , Canada , Germany , Australia , Brazil , Mexico , Puerto Rico , Haiti , Hawaii and Philippines . In June 1996, The Cover Girls were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall Of Fame in Los Angeles , CA .
Source: Fever Records

1. Show Me
2. Because of You
3. That Boy of Mine
4. One Night Affair
5. Spring Love
6. Inside Outside
7. Promise Me
8. Love Emergency
9. Better Late Than Never

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