Friday, February 27, 2009

Coro - Where Are You Tonight 12 "

Coro, of Dominican heritage, first had roles in numerous episodes of the star's hit television series "Miami Vice." While appearing on "Vice," Coro struggled to put together a group to get his singing career off the ground. His first efforts never took off, but in 1987, Coro met freestyle sensation Stevie B. who was enjoying the success of his first hit record and getting ready to tour. After a stint as a back up vocalist and dancer for Stevie B., New york born and Miami raised Coro made the move back to his native Manhattan to initiate a solo singing career.

Success came quickly to Coro as he hooked up with dance producers Zahid Tariq and Todd Terry in 1989, and found the creative partners he had been searching for. The result of the chemistry was the release of Coro's first single, "Where Are You Tonight," an emotional, up tempo freestyle track which rocketed onto the turntables to become the #1 dance record in New York and Florida. The song reached the Top 25 on Billboard's club chart and put Coro on the road doing shows in dance clubs across the country. On his self titled debut album, Coro collaborated with producer Zahid Tariq to create a tasty selection of up tempo dance tunes like "Can't Let You Go", "Where are you tonight", "Fallen Angel" and tender, emotive ballads such as "Missing you" all of which are infused with the distinct Latin flavor that has come to be Coro's musical signature.

Since then, Coro is currently in the studio working with numerous producers and focused on reentering the world of television and film.


A1 Where Are You Tonight (12" Version) (5:55)
A2 Where Are You Tonight (Bonus Beats '91) (3:40)
A3 Where Are You Tonight (Radio Version '91) (4:10)
B1 Where Are You Tonight (Waiting To Be Touched Mellow Mix) (4:11)
B2 Where Are You Tonight (Mellow Mix Instrumental) (4:07)
B3 Where Are You Tonight (Dub Mix) (4:57
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