Monday, February 9, 2009

Mescalinum United / The Mover - Planet Core Productions Special Double AA Side

Legendary New York City based Hardcore label owned by Lenny Dee. Formed in 1991 this label helped to put New York City on the map and to define the emerging Hardcore Techno sound of the early 90's. This was the first release of this label and this is probably the first Hardest track on blog I followed this type of Hardcore techno from 1991-1998 I was a die hard fan of this trend of music which later in the years became Harder and faster...up to 200bpms and up! How the fuck can you dance to But for those that are interested in this type of techno I recommend this label for to me is the hardest techno your gonna ever hear...And this is very popular in europe and here In California. In the near future I will put up a mix of this stuff.---12inchjunkie

AA1 Mescalinum United We Have Arrived (4:16)
AA2 Mover, The Nightflight (Non-Stop To Kaos) (4:40)

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MastrChief07 said...

I never liked that type of techno. It's too fast paced for me. I would have to get on something to probably enjoy it, lolol.

12InchJunkie said...

Lmaoooo!!! Yeah I Know not everyone can get into this but I can. I listen to everything and I mean everything from Hardcore, Speedcore, Death Metal, I have a time that I like to listen to this stuff when I'm alone in the car speeding on the turnpike doing 90mphs. This post-modern apocalyptic!