Monday, February 9, 2009

Audio Tech - I'm Your Audio Tech

Here's a Electro record out of Detriot I believe produce by Magic Juan and written by Juan Atkins. Thanks to Chicagojackin for this contribution.----12inchjunkie

A I'm Your Audio Tech (7:10)
B I'm Your Audio Tech (Tech Mix) (4:38)

Download Right Here


Anonymous said...

think magic juan is juan atkins ..
a ? before i download it

does it have a skip near the end of the long side as i had 2 copies of this and they skipped at the same point on both

Rob said...

Yup Juan Atkins AKA Magic Juan. I haven't downloaded the Techno tracks, let me download it and I'll let you know.

Rob said...

NJDJ, I listened to the last two minutes and only noticed a little pop at the 6:13 mark, no skips though....