Sunday, February 22, 2009

Speedy's Anthem

I Couldn't find an official pic anywhere of the 12" or heck a CD. It's been discontinued last time I heard years ago. Anyway, this "Latin House" single is from radio personality Speedy from radio broadcasting in New York's KTU and La Mega. This single wasn't really a hit maker. Nor I thought at the time it was done seriously. But many people were feeling it at the time of it's release. I can't stand hearing it. But it was "aight" way back when. Lol. I'm sure when you listen to it you'll know from where they sampled it from. The "I Need Some Speeeeed-y" version doesn't sound it would be part of the single. Probably the best out of the three. I still have both 12"'s. One given to me for free after I had already bought one, lol. Enjoy:

A1 - Speedy's Anthem (Speedy's Party Mix)
A2 - Speedy's Anthem (Radio Edit)
B1 - I Need Some Speeeed-y (Original Mix)

Download Right Here


Rob said...

You know, I always liked this track. I know it was a just for fun track but using a hot well known track as a back drop always helps out..LOL. I actually listened to this last week.

chicagojackin said...

Ok going to give this a try from your guys comments it sounds entertaining thanks

benz said...

this is the shit i love speedy especially his antics on ktu!!! he's a funny kat and this just backs up how good is this post !!!

MastrChief07 said...

Yeah, he's kool peeps. Sometimes whenever I seen him he was just a bug out. Feel sorry for him whenever or where ever radio station he's at. Always the butt of the jokes.