Friday, February 27, 2009

VA - The Best Of Paris International

Sorry for the image as It was all discog had for this label. Anywho this is an nice compilation featuring some classic freestyle if yesteryear (before the planet rock beat was overused and imo was one of the downfalls of freestyle).Stand out cut here being of course Jill's Match Made Up In Heaven of Which to this day still does not get enough play from dj's and radio as they stay with the same top 40 freestyle songs(imo another reason for freestyles demise). But as Nacho would say Whatever,lol. Plz Enjoy. --------Summonedknight

P.s I was so shocked i was able to pick this classic up for only 4 bucks from

1- Jill - Match Made Up In Heaven
2- Maga- Bi-Pushin
3- Celi Bee - I'm Free
4- Amant - New York Nights
5- Maga Feat. Madelin Red - When Push Comes To Shove
6- Evelyn Thomas - High Voltage
7- Ray Martinez & Friends - Lady Of The Night
8- Angie - Put A Rainbow In Your Heart
9- Angie - Hello Stranger
10- Ray Martienz & Friends - The Natives Are Restless
11- Ray Martienz & Friends - I'm Free
12- Celi Bee - Love Rocket

Part Uno
Part Dose


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