Monday, February 2, 2009

A Number Of Names - Sharevari

Historically, this is considered to be the first ever Detroit techno record, released in 1981 a few weks before cybotron's 'alleys of the mind'. Musically, it is a strange but cool mash-up between kraftwerk, italo and robotic new-wave, with a quite minimal and raw production. The guys show a great sense of humour in the voices and lyrics. Slick, excellent record but uber-hard-to-find. Complete story about this song in Dan Sicko's landmark book 'Techno Rebels', the best (only?) book about the history of Detroit techno. (Review From Discogs)

This is what I consider Electronic Classic! Good Share from Badbootydaddy5---12inchjunkie

Sharevari (Vocal) (5:45)
Sharevari (Instrumental) (6:10)

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Rob said...

I don't know about you but if this came out in 1981, I personally feel that they were a head of their time. This doesn't sound 80s, know what I mean? Great post

Anonymous said...

this was also released on quality records if anyone wants to know